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Bongo Bongo

The professionals preferred choice in Dauin. Laid back diving with the customer and students in focus. Nicely organised, and one of the only few 5 star PADI Instructor facilities in Dauin. 

About Bongo
Bongo Divers

Bongo Bongo Divers is one of the pioneers of the diving in Dauin. Over the years it has grown from a small hobby to being one the most organised dive centers in Dauin. Today Bongo Bongo Divers is a place for both seasoned divers and beginners, who want great value for their money and who insist on both safety & fun as a priority.

Bongo Bongo is one of the only dive shops in Dumaguete who are 100% Greenfins members. They have a broad range of reef safe products and work hard to create awareness in the local area. Join one of the many monthly dive against debris. Or beach clean ups organised in the shop.  

Diving in Dauin requires a broad and deeper knowledge about the environment, and all the special creatures living in Dauin. We educate our local dive masters, and instructors in the special marine life. Our team is one of the most experienced in the area and we are always happy to pass on our knowledge and share it with our divers. 

The philosophy of the owners at Bongo Bongo Divers is simply to “take your time, and don’t rush through it”. This gives our instructors the time needed for the students at all levels to focus and learn in the pace that they need for the given course. This too is true for professional education, and is valued by those who do divemaster or instructor training. 

Why do your Divemaster Course with Bongo Bongo Divers?

We strive to offer you the best possible training, and develop each and everyone to become the best possible divers.  Everyone is different and therefore our is training not always the same for all individuals. We expect a lot from our Divemaster Trainees, the more independent you are and the more your interested to learn, the more you’ll get out of your stay and training. You’ll also get more responsibilities as you progress through your experience.

Bongo Bongo divers have one of the most comprehensive training programs, with all experienced Instructors from all around the world. 

We feel that there’s always room to spend a little more time and effort to go that extra mile. On your pro diver course this means, that we pass on all the unwritten rules and things that are not described in the books. There’s skills that are easy to understand in theory, but that you need to practice it in real life until you actually learn it. And then you need to repeat it, and repeat it until it really sits. Repetition is key to learning.

Obviously you are looking for a professional diveshop to do your training, and we are more than that. But the thing that everyone always talk about is the environment that surrounds us, the vibe and the people. Check out our Tripadvisor reviews to see why the local diving and friendly vibes keep people stuck here for months! 

The second we walked through the gate we felt welcome. It makes such a difference when you feel like your learning from someone who is ready to joke around but also wants to become your friend. 
Patrick P.
They've extremely capable dive professionals. Really thorough briefings and I felt very safe during all dives and PADI courses I've taken. Dive shops in the Philippines have a reputation for pampering guests, and Bongo Bongo goes over and beyond the norm.
Sarah M.
I sure was surprised how welcome I felt staying here! I stayed and did my padi divemaster course. My instructor was very encouraging. The staff are all respectful and fun, the wifi works well, the location is a 30 second walk to the beach and the dogs here are waaay too cute. 
Joshua K.
Weeks Basic

Divemaster Internship Philippines Basic takes you through all the divemaster workshops in a good pace. Get through the most basic in your divemaster training in 5 amazing weeks.


Weeks Pro. Package

Get the most out of it, and enjoy a comprehensive program with some cool specialties included. Get the chance of building on your confidence and assist several courses during your time. 

Licenced Divemasters

We specialised making the best the divemasters & give you the best possible time. During your internship you will have your private tutor.  And guaranteed lots of fun. 

Years of dive experience

Get the best possible start in your diving career by signing up on our PADI Divemaster Course or Instructor development courses.

Years in the Philippines

We once were, where you are now. Most important is to get a good beginning with the right crew. You will always have our support and be part of the Bongo Family. 

Divemaster Program FAQ

As with most things in life, there always a few little things that come to mind when reading through lots of information. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our prospective Pro Level Internship candidates.
  • Divemaster training
  • Sanctuary fees
  • Unlimited diving
  • Bar discount
  • T-shirt
  • Mask Strap
  • Divemaster training
  • Deep Specialty
  • Nitrox Specialty
  • Sidemount Specialty
  • Sanctuary fees
  • Unlimited diving
  • Bar discount
  • T-shirt
  • Mask strap

Often the biggest expense when doing prolonged professional diver training abroad isn’t the actual training itself, but rather the basic cost of living while doing it – meals and accommodation really start adding up over several months. Due to our remote location, at Marine Conservation Philippines all of this is necessarily included as part of the volunteer package. Additionally, to make fair comparisons it’s a good idea to look at the hidden fees – often cost of scuba gear rental, marine parks fees etc. are not included in quoted prices. Everything considered, in our experience doing divemaster training with Marine Conservation Philippines is generally similarly priced or cheaper that doing a similar length program elsewhere. The experience is very dissimilar however, but only you can determine if that is a good or bad thing for you.

How long you want to stay and spend on doing your DM-training depends on yourself and how much you’d want to get out of your training – Taking longer will make you better of course.Besides the cost of your manuals and materials, the cost of doing the divemaster training is the same as regular volunteers pay, so 450 USD weekly multiplied by number of weeks, which covers three daily meals, accommodation, all diving, gear rental, transportation, marine park fees, free tea and coffee, airport pickup etc.

Financially an eight week divemaster program could look
something like this:

8 weeks accommodation, food, diving, gear rental, tuition:
8 x 450 USD = 3600 USD
Divemaster crewpack (manual and materials) 200 USD
PADI application fee (Paid directly to PADI, not MCP) 120 USD

A typical twelve week divemaster program for a candidate with no prior scuba dive experience could look like this:

12 weeks accommodation, food, diving, gear rental, tuition:
12 x 450 USD = 5400 USD
Open Water Course 85 USD
Advanced Open Water Course 85 USD
Rescue Diver Course 85 USD
EFR – first aid course 65 USD
Divemaster crewpack (manual and materials) 200 USD
PADI application fee (Paid directly to PADI, not MCP) 120 USD

Many divemaster candidates additionally do the enriched air nitrox specialty (65 USD) and/or the self-reliant diver course. (50 USD).