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Why us? Why the Philippines?

As one of the most friendly and progressive dive centres in Dauin Bongo Bongo has built a reputation of dedication and care.

Why chose the Philippines for your Divemaster Training or your PADI Instructor Development Course?

Most serious and thorough training. While the professional PADI courses can be conducted in a checklist format (once you have done something, you can move on with little regard for how well you do it) we take pride in our education. No matter if you are learning in the eco camp of Marine Conservation Philippines or at Bongo Bongo, you can be sure your instructors will be excellent mentors who take their time and are able to challenge you and help you become a true professional.

Convenience.  Gear up! Only a hundred meters from our doorstep, you can enter the water in one of the most popular and spectacular divesites in all of Dauin. Want to try something out, to practise, tinker and fine tune your gear, just hit the water! Also we have one of the greatest pools in the area (not modest, we know – but it’s really awesome!) The shop is only two minutes away from the local market, where you can find fresh fruit, cheap eateries, roast chicken and some western restaurants.

Fun. We understand you are serious about your career and your training, and so are we.  We do however understand, that the best learning environment is one where you can joke with your colleagues, have a laugh, and feel part of the group, not just a guest. 

The facilities are perfect. There’s a great air con classroom and we are right next to the sea! I felt fully prepared to do the instructor exam after the IDC, and throughout we were trained to be valuable colleagues. ...In fact, today I am one!
David Greenwood
I did both my divemaster course and instructor course at Bongo Bongo. For me, the hardest parts were the dive theory and teaching in front of a class, but the staff made it fun and there's a real family feel!
Mico Bandoles

We are placed in the heart of Dauin. A few step away from the 3 best dive sites located in the area. This is a place perfect to teach Padi courses, because there is so much different stuff to look at. 

Divers by heart

Diving allows you to move freely underwater and makes you feel you are part of the marine life. Hardly having to deal with gravity makes you feel like you’re weightless and flying into the blue.

Vision and Mission

Two dive schools working together to teach you the best in scuba diving. Benefit from learning from different instructors and mentors.


Using science to understand how local and global pressures affect marine ecosystems, we empower, engage, and build local and national capacity to reduce and adapt to these pressures.

Education standard

We offer quality teaching with skilled & experienced PADI dive instructors. It’s our top priority, to make you a safe diver and we believe that quality diving education takes time. 

Our offerings